v1.3 - the speedrunner update!

It’s been a while! This update focuses on gameplay improvements for speedrunners.


  • Adjusted haunter behavior
    • Fixed haunters’ enrage behavior being framerate-dependent
    • Haunters will immediately enrage if you get close enough
    • If you’re within a certain distance of a haunter when it calms down, it will immediately get angry again
    • If you trigger either of the above two conditions, an exclamation mark will appear and an alert sound will play
    • Rebalanced haunter temperament to accommodate for the above changes
  • Improved performance on the level “Shockwave”
  • Added an easter egg that can be enabled by typing a special code on the title screen

Speedruns of this game have been popping off! Here’s a couple of recent runs:

Come join the speedrunning discord!


eatgirl-win32.zip 21 MB
Version 15 Sep 10, 2020
eatgirl-win64.zip 21 MB
Version 15 Sep 10, 2020
eatgirl.love 17 MB
Version 15 Sep 10, 2020


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