• New post-game secrets~
  • Add turn forgiveness and turn buffer length options:
    • Turn forgiveness is how many pixels late you can make a turn - the game will shift you backwards so you can slide into a corridor. You can disable this for the v1.0 behavior.
    • Turn buffer length is how long a turn input will be buffered until you are able to make a turn. This can be disabled entirely, or set to infinite to match the v1.0 behavior.


  • Remove the small pause when an enemy breaks a crate - now there’s only a pause when the player breaks a crate
  • Menus remember their position when going back
  • The “retry” option is now available on the world map
  • Save files are now human readable. Happy save editing! (v1.0 save files are still compatible)
  • Make Greg’s behavior a little less bizarre


  • Fix frame drops due to loading pauses at the beginning of a level
  • Make the level clear animation look smoother when the player is stopped
  • Fix vortex particles turning off when it gets too big (outside of the level exit animation)


eatgirl-win32.zip 21 MB
Version 12 Nov 16, 2019
eatgirl-win64.zip 21 MB
Version 12 Nov 16, 2019
eatgirl.love 17 MB
Version 12 Nov 16, 2019


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I got this game in the bundle last year but ended up buying it too bc it is absolutely worth the money. This game is incredible, I had no idea how badly i wanted to play a more puzzling pacman until now. The vague underlying horror really hits my sweet spot, esp Greg's delightful mouth sounds. I could only find 27 levels though..