EAT GIRL v1.0.1 is out. This is a maintenance release with the following changes:

  • Smishes no longer collide and stop when they're moving side by side
  • The animated window icon in certain levels should cause fewer issues with certain desktop environments
  • The controller doesn't vibrate if a Smish rams into a wall from off-screen
  • Add a retry option to the pause menu and a retry control (not assigned to anything by default)
  • Add options to unlock all stages and erase all data


eatgirl-win32.zip 21 MB
Version 11 Oct 05, 2019
eatgirl-win64.zip 21 MB
Version 11 Oct 05, 2019
eatgirl-love.zip 17 MB
Version 11 Oct 05, 2019


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